Selected Credits

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild (2019) CAPCOM

THE LEGO MOVIE: Masters of Flight (2019) The LEGO Group/Legoland

Send It! (2019) Wind Voyager Entertainment/AS Entertainment

LEGO CITY 4D: Officer in Pursuit (2019) The LEGO Group/Legoland

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes BLACK PANTHER: Trouble in Wakanda (2018) The LEGO Group/Marvel Entertainment

Toby Goes To Camp (2019) Inmotion Entertainment/Animal Family Films

Pacific Rim: The VR Experience (2018) Pure Imagination Studios

LEGO NINJAGO – Master of the 4th Dimension (2018) The LEGO Group

A Woman’s Nightmare (2018) Lifetime/Dynamic Television

47 Hours (2018) Two Days Entertainment/Artist View Entertainment

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: The Thanos Threat (2017) The LEGO Group/Marvel/Disney

DC Rivals HyperCoaster (2017) DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Movie World

LEGO NINJAGO: Day Of The Departed (2017) The LEGO Group/Pure Imagination Studios

LEGO: Imagination Express (2017) The LEGO Group/Legoland

Toby’s Big Adventure (2017) Inmotion Entertainment/Animal Family Films

THE LEGO MOVIE 4D: A New Adventure (2016) Warner Animation Group/Legoland

Happy Wheels: The Series (Season 1) (2016) Bunim-Murray Productions

LEGO JURASSIC WORLD: The Indominus Escape (2016) NBC Universal/The LEGO Group

Benno’s Great Race (2016) Pure Imagination Studios/Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis 4D (2016) DC Entertainment/Six Flags

The LEGO Factory Tour (2016) Legoland/The LEGO Group

BATMAN: Dark Flight (2015) Warner Bros./DC Entertainment

A Sunday Horse (2015) 4Digital Media/Lighthouse Home Entertainment

DreamTheatre at DreamPlay (2015) DreamWorks/Pure Imagination Studios

Marvel Super Heroes 4D: Hollywood (2014) Marvel Entertainment/Threshold Animation Studios

The Mind of Da Vinci (2014) Cinecitta World Rome/Pure Imagination

ICE AGE: Sid’s Arctic Adventure (2014) 20th Century Fox

Brain Attack (LEGO: Hero Factory) (2013) The LEGO Group/Warner Home Video

Marvel Super Heroes 4D: Avengers Battle in Bali (2013) Marvel Entertainment/Threshold Animation Studios

JUSTICE LEAGUE: Alien Invasion 3D (2012) Warner Bros. Movie World/The Sally Corporation/DC Entertainment

Breakout (LEGO: Hero Factory) (2012) The LEGO Group/Warner Home Video 

Marvel Super Heroes 4D Experience (New York) (2012) Marvel Entertainment/Madame Tussauds

Savage Planet (LEGO: Hero Factory) (2011) The LEGO Group/Warner Home Video 

Vengeance 5D – The London Dungeon (2011) Threshold Animation Studio/Merlin Entertainment 

Ordeal Of Fire (LEGO: Hero Factory) (2011) The LEGO Group/Warner Home Video 

A Clutch Powers 4D Adventure (2010) Legoland/The LEGO Group 

LEGO: Atlantis (2010) Threshold Animation Studios/The LEGO Group 

Rise Of The Rookies (LEGO: Hero Factory) (2010) The LEGO Group/Warner Home Video 

Marvel Super Heroes 4D (London) (2010) Marvel Entertainment/Madame Tussauds

LEGO: The Adventures Of Clutch Powers (2010) Universal Studios Home Entertainment/The LEGO Group 

Breaking The Press (2010) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 

Tommy And The Cool Mule (2009) Black Chrome Productions/Screen Media Films 

Fire From Below (2009) Andrew Stevens Entertainment/SyFy Channel

Walking Tall: Lone Justice (2008) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Flight Of Fury (2008) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment/ Steamroller Productions

Walking Tall: The Payback (2007) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment/ Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Attack Force (2007) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Shadow Man (2006) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

The Detonator (2006) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Black Dawn (2005) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

The Marksman (2005) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

My Fantastic Field Trip To The Planets (2004) Wonderscape Entertainment

The Foreigner (2003) Columbia TriStar/Franchise Pictures

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Submerged (2001) Paramount Home Video/Phoenician Entertainment

Rangers (2001) 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Agent Red (2000) Franchise Pictures/Columbia TriStar Home Video

Nautilus (2000) Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment